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HCG Diet Menu Ideas for the Week

The following are some sample menu ideas for your weekly meal plan while on the hCg Diet (phase 2). Please visit HCG Diet Recipes for these and others.

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What Is Transdermal HCG?

The most common method of getting hCG into the body when following the Simeons protocol is to inject it into the body subcutaneuosly in the muscle. However, the development of an oral (sublingual) as well as a transdermal hcg (topical) formulation is an alternative which eliminates the need for constant injections, which may be an uncomfortable process one has to follow to lose weight.

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Some Possible HCG Side Effects

There are some possible side effects from hCG that are reportedly very rare, and even when they do occur they are generally not severe.

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HCG Before and After

When you begin your HCG weight loss program you will notice a difference immediately. Not only is it motivating as well as exciting to see yourself losing weight everyday, but unlike other diets, if you are following the HCG diet properly, you will not experience a relentless hunger that makes you want to stop the diet and eat everything in site.

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How HCG Diet Injections Work

The following article describes HCG Diet Injections.

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How HCG Weight Loss Works

Over the past few decades, HCG weight loss, the protocol developed by Dr. Simion, has been proven to be almost 100% effective for healthy weight loss if the diet is followed exactly as the protocol outlines...

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What Are HCG Diet Pills?

HCG is a drug, which is a hormone produced by the placenta in pregnant women. HCG is not a pill you swallow two times a day before your meals. To obtain HCG, you must have a prescription...

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What Are the HCG Diet Facts?

The following information is about the HCG Diet Facts.

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What are the hCG Diet Dangers?

HCG is produced by the placenta and derived from a pregnant mother's urine so it is natural and safe. However, there are certain guidelines to be followed in order to participate in the hCG diet.

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What Is Oral HCG?

The HCG is a hormone is made by the placenta and embryo during pregnancy. HCG must be prescribed by a licensed medical doctor/physician. There are actually 3 forms of hCG available. These are: hCG Injections, Oral hCG, and hCG Transdermal Gel.

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HCG Weight Loss Cure

Kevin Trudeau, the #1 New York Times Bestselling author, wrote the well-known book 'Natural Cures "they" Don't Want You to Know About,' which was released a few years ago. Following this book, the hCG Weight Loss Cure became popular when he wrote another book about hCG weight loss...

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What Is The HCG Protocol for Weight Loss

If you want amazing results on a diet you will follow Dr. Simions hcg Protocol for weight loss. It is a restrictive diet that combines with hCG injections and the results are fantastic.

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How To Pick HCG Diet Doctors

This article describes how to locate hCG Diet Doctors.

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HCG Diet Info

Information on hCG can be found on this article below:

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About HCG Provider Directory

HCG Provider Directory helps those seeking HCG diet clinics or doctors to easily find a provider close to home, nationwide or international.

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