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What are the hCG Diet Dangers?
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What are the hCG Diet Dangers?

Date Added: May 27, 2011 01:05:41 AM
Author: HCG Listings
HCG is produced by the placenta and derived from a pregnant mother's urine so it is natural and safe.  However, there are certain guidelines to be followed in order to participate in the hCG diet.  Women who are pregnant or nursing are not allowed to participate in the hCG diet.  In addition, those under 18 years of age should not be prescribed hCG.  The safest way to start the hCG diet is to first consult with a real medical doctor.

There have been very few complications reported by individuals on the hCG diet.  Any low calorie diet, such as he hCG diet which also requires daily injections and not eating more then 500 calories, it would be normal to assume that some negative side-effects would occur.  However, other then some possible problems relating to the actual injection itself which cold be swelling or slight pain or possible infection etc., there are almost no side-effects that have been reported.  The hCG diet dangers are virtually none.

After decades of helping hCG dieters, Dr. Simions' research found that the only negligible side effects reported were the following:  Some of the dieters described that they felt colder more easily as they lost the fat.  Sometimes weakness and fatigue were reported, however this never seemed to last very long.  

While individuals on the hCG diet are advised to inject 125 to no more than 200 i.u's. per day, there are fertility clinics that routinely inject into women and men hCG in amounts 10 times this amount. Since the FDA has approved hCG to continue to be used in this manner, it is logical to assume hCG administered this way is very safe.  However, one needs to be aware that when anything is put into the body there is always a side effect that may be positive or negative.
Kevin Trudeau's extremely popular "The Weight Loss Cure," initiated dozens if not hundreds of providers to offer what they are calling "hcg" or "hcg weight loss diets".  It is important that one should be cautioned of the following regarding the hCG diet: Clinics and or providers directing you to participate in receiving supplementation (i.e. B-12 shots, multi vitamins, enzymes, appetite suppressants etc.) may not be adhering to the "pure" hCG diet as prescribed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in "Pounds and Inches".

Interestingly, all of the vitamins and nutrients that are locked up in your body fat are enough to provide everything you need throughout the entire hCG diet. The difference between clinics offering such supplementation in addition to the injections isn't fully clear, but there are many hCG dieters who have done both protocols and they have found better success - meaning more weight and fat loss - then when using the pure hCG (i.e. Novarel) injections alone.

Regarding the use of supplementation during the hCG diet, this is where the diet dangers appear.  Eating 500 calories is not a lot of food, so because some clinics choose to use a different source for "their" hCG, one has to take extra supplements in order to to stick to the full program and feel normal.

The reality is that long term results are the real goal. Why diet if you will gain the weight back?  Any dietary aide is "temporary". However, HCG injections work on the most delicate region in the brain, the Diencephalon. It is responsible for getting your body to burn off unwanted adipose tissue. It has bee shown that one is more likely to add a little to a lot of weight over the course of 1, 2, or 5 years after an hCG diet if they are NOT using pure hCG via injections or hCG transdermal cream. It can be concluded that perhaps some of the biggest hCG diet dangers actually come from not sticking to the original hCG diet prescribed by Dr. Simeons' protocol.

However, when the dieters follow the Dr. Simions' actual protocol outlined in his book, this seldom happens. It is in fact, the very the nature of how hCG works. It makes your body break down and use your "FAT".  When following Simions' protocol, taking supplements becomes unnecessary. It also is very likely, and in most cases does, hinder optimal results; Those using supplementation during the hCG diet loses 12 lbs. in a month while others using hCG injections without supplementation can lose 20 lbs. in the same month.  It appears that following Dr. Simion's straight protocol results in optimal success.


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